Our School

Our vision is to empower and inspire the development of 21st Century lifelong learners by providing a passionate learning environment with diverse opportunities, experiences and authentic relationships to enable learners to flourish, celebrate achievement, contribute to our world and become tomorrow’s inspired leaders today.

Our Values


At Te Kura o Hine Waiora, students and staff respect and are generous towards each other. They support one another and this is reciprocated. The environment is warm and caring and everyone is treated with dignity.


At Christchurch Girls’ High School, a strong sense of belonging is developed through students and teachers working together. Students and staff feel connected and positive relationships are fostered. Challenges and successes are shared, and personal achievements are celebrated.


The Te Kura o Hine Waiora whānau show empathy and concern for others. They have an understanding of the world and people beyond their own circumstances, giving service and acting with decency.


At Christchurch Girls’ High School, students and staff stand tall and proud. They have courage and strength of character to do what is right, facing challenges and change with confidence. Mana is demonstrated in relationships between and within staff and students.

Our Strategic Goals


Transformational Leadership Culture To empower and inspire the development of 21st Century lifelong learners

Engagement To create a passionate learning environment where learners have the power to act

Innovation To provide diverse learning opportunities and experiences that will empower and inspire learners

Wellbeing and Belonging To build (foster) authentic relationships through connection, understanding and trust, and valuing culture language and identity

Critical Reflection To build a culture of organisational renewal and transformation through rigourous reflection and self-review

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