Year 13 – Learning Information

Students in Year 13 are prepared for national qualifications and we are very proud of the high standards they achieve.

Year 13 students study five subjects. The most able students enter Scholarship examinations.

In addition to the traditional prefect leadership roles, senior students can lead as heads of cultural and sporting groups, senior committees, club activities or take on roles as Student Council members, student trustee, form captains, librarians and laboratory assistants. Peer Support, peer tutoring and serving as reader writers allow senior students to support younger students and build positive relationships across the year levels.

Year 13 Graduate Profile

Teaching and Learning


Differentiated programmes within the classroom started the process of academic extension. This is continued with Scholarship courses and multi-levelling for those students who seek the extra challenge at the senior level.


All subjects provide authentic learning experiences outside the classroom as appropriate to their curriculum.

The school also supports a number of nationwide events and charities. For example, students participate in World Vision’s 40 Hour Famine and have raised over $50 000 for this organisation or support Pink Day, which raises funds for cancer research. In addition, our traditional charities, Cholmondeley Children’s Centre and Brackenridge, are supported each year.

In Year 13 Authentic learning opportunities are provided in Geography, Tourism, Biology and PE.