Why Choose a Girls’ School

Girls’ schools are specialists in girls’ education and are ideally positioned to educate, inspire and nurture the girls of today, who will be the leaders of tomorrow. In single-sex schools every girl has a voice and all leadership roles are filled by girls. Our curriculum is tailored for girls and teaching practice designed to enhance girls’ learning styles. At an all girls’ school, girls have not only “equal opportunity but every opportunity” and they can work through the challenges of adolescence.

At CGHS every girl has the opportunities to develop and excel.

An analysis of NCEA results clearly confirms girls in girls’ schools do better academically than their counterparts at co-educational schools. Additionally, girls at Christchurch Girls’ High School do particularly well.

Christchurch Girls’ High School belongs to the Australasian Alliance of Girls’ Schools. Information is available on their website www.agsa.org.au