Fulfilment of academic potential we value each student giving of her very best in partnership with home and school, to ensure she reaches academic excellence for herself.

High academic achievement we value our students achieving at the upper levels of the NZ education system.

A single-sex pedagogy we value students being able to learn in an all-girl environment with teaching pedagogy tailored specifically for young women.

Effective staff and student leadership we value a school where many opportunities are offered and taken up for leadership at all levels and in all areas of the life of the school.

Respect for self, others, the environment and the heritage of the school we value self-worth and the worth of others. We also believe in the importance of living sensitively in our school and boarding environment and in taking pride in the legacy handed down to us over the years.

Cultural diversity and valuing the histories and traditions of all peoples we value the principles of the Treaty of Waitangi and New Zealand's bicultural foundation and further acknowledge that our school is also a reflection of a wider multi-cultural community.

Development of the whole person we value the fact that our students are developing not only their academic skills but also skills which will equip them for their world beyond school.

Community based on trust, tolerance and citizenship we value those things which enable a community to function effectively.